Food and drink

In Namibia we take your dining experiences seriously, and we strive to make every meal as wonderful as every trip to the field. Our kitchens come to life through the use of fresh and regionally representative meats and produce. By combining these elements, we create delicious flavors and varied textures that harbor hidden stories and package traditions on each plate.

Days start with a hearty breakfast composed of a variety of breads, jam, honey, fresh fruit, natural yoghurts, cereals and eggs prepared any one of six ways, including porridge, French toast.

Lunch is served during midday at the hunting lodges each day featuring a variety of choice meats and salads, grilled meats from venison. The evening meal is a celebration of fine dining in a casual setting. Each day brings a new creation, from healthy vegetables to our own meat, plus fruit, homemade ice creams, and pies.


Our lunch and dinner menus are paired with some of South Africa’s — and the world’s — best wines from the western cape Region. We feel that the food we present and the wines we serve should mirror the hunting we offer — and be the very best available.